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Bed Wars

* For reference, The Bed Wars game download websites are all approved, there are no viruses and malware.




Bedwars is a team PVP game where you will fight against your opponents on an island in the air, protecting your bed and trying to destroy your opponents' beds to prevent them from respawning, beating all your opponents to win the game!


16 players split into 4 teams, spawn on different islands, build bridges with blocks to attack your opponents and compete for resources to upgrade your weapons and items so you can destroy enemy beds more easily! Compete against players from all over the world in seconds, challenger spots await you!

Multiple Modes

Single, two-player and four-player modes are randomly drawn from different maps with different styles and tactics, so whether you're lining up solo or with a friend, you can pair up in seconds and enjoy the addictive and intense pace of the game.

Various items

Use the resources you collect to buy different types of cubes, weapons, tools, incendiaries, traps and more items, different ways and tactics to defeat your opponents are waiting for you to discover; melee, long range, tricks with different items, the only limit is your imagination!

Live Chat

Can't find your buddies to play with? Bedwars has a built-in chat system that automatically recognizes your language and matches you to the correct channel so you can communicate with players who speak the same language as you, thus making more friends online!

Customized Avatars

Multi-category custom skins, thousands of avatar skins for you to choose from, there is always one for you, show your unique self in Bedwars!

How to play

Players need to collect resources such as iron ingots, gold ingots, diamonds and emeralds. Each resource has a different use (the value of each resource varies from server to server), but the most useful are emeralds and diamonds. Emeralds are used to buy diamond swords, diamond armor, mordecai pearls and other advanced equipment. Diamonds are used to buy team upgrades such as the Sharp I, etc. Each team starts with a bed, the bed is the source of life for each team, if the bed is destroyed, then the team cannot be revived. So, protect the bed and don't let the enemy dig it up, but to win, also dig up the enemy bed and kill all the enemies. When a player kills another player, that player can inherit all his resources. (Except for the ones in the endgame box, the resources in the endgame box are only visible to me, and when he is finally killed, i.e. dies without a bed, the resources in it will fall into the resource pool of his team respawn point)

This mode adds the purchase of beds (2 diamonds a piece) to the original mode. Initially, there are two teams, each with 500 points each, and 1 point per second reduction. In the middle there are three strongholds, players have to occupy these strongholds, each bed can make the other team reduce the score speed +1/s (if there is no bed, the other team will not deduct points). If the score goes to 0 and all players are finally killed, the other team wins (this mode is limited to the international version).

This mode adds Uitimates (superpowers) to the original mode. There are 7 types of superpowers that players can use to win.

This mode is based on the original mode, the opening of the furnace upgrade to full level, urgent upgrade to level I and give players speed I, the opening of all resources refresh point is also full level, down the price of some goods: two-person mode (Mordecai Pearl 2 Emerald, Diamond Sword 4 Emerald); four-person mode (Mordecai Pearl 2 Emerald, Diamond Sword 3 Emerald) each team's bed will be forced to destroy after 15 minutes of the opening.


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