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PK XD - Play with your Friends

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Do you want to explore this universe and join the millions of people around the world? Join us and reach new levels of fun!

Talk to your friends

The world is yours! Besides exploring and facing challenges, you can try different activities: relax on a float, eat ice cream, jump really high with power-ups, dance and have fun with your community!


Pets With virtual pets, your experience is complete! From common to rare, find many cute creatures to keep you company in the game. Take good care of them and see how much they can evolve around you!

Create your avatar

Your character, your rules! You can be anything you want and use your imagination to combine all the available items: monster slippers, futuristic boots, amazing wings, ninja swords, cat masks, fashionista clothes and much more.

Participate in events

We always plan very special moments for you to enjoy! Take part in our Halloween, Easter and Christmas events, with amazing decorations, challenges and themed items on the island!

Build your dream home

Home Decorate the perfect house as you wish. Your imagination is the only limit! Look at all the items you can find: cloud sofas, dance mats, upholstery, player chairs, kitchen items, bathroom items and more!

Challenge your friends with trivia games

Play the most fun trivia games with your friends. How about participating in a mad dash, breaking a pet parade record or delivering pizzas to earn coins? Enter Arcade and win all the challenges!

Become a member of our community

Become part of our community and build games with us! We want to hear everyone's suggestions so we can provide the best experience possible.

How to play

There are several ways to get coins in our universe. You can.

Work at Pizza Delivery: Distribute pizzas to our hungry citizens before time runs out. You'll get your paycheck, and you can do it many times a day!

Work at the Juice Company: The robot needs help picking fruit! Deliver your orders as quickly as possible for a great reward.

Compete in Crazy Run: If you finish the race, you'll win coins and even ticket prizes.

Play Pet Parade: You need to count how many pets go through the conveyor belt! If you guess the right number, you'll win coins and tickets.

Log in every day for PK XD: Yes, there are prizes every day! The longer you stay in the universe, the more coins you can accumulate.

Update PK XD: Every time you update the game, the update girl gives you coins as a token of appreciation!

Surprise Boxes: They're scattered all over the PK XD universe and if you find them, you'll win!

Even if you think it will take a long time to collect coins through all these options, you can talk to your parents about using real money to buy one of the coin packs. There are multiple options and offers waiting for you!

Using gems, you can buy luxury items from PK XD, but actually getting them requires a lot more work.

The most common way is through the surprise boxes hidden in the PK XD Universe or when you complete the 5 mini-games.


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    i love this game



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