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Tower Craft 3D - Idle Building

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Do you like simple construction games and development? Welcome to the idle construction game! How high can you reach?

Idle Construction Games is all about block stacking, building business and building the tallest skyscrapers in the world!

Start the game by building a small tower, build on it and grow into great landmarks and even higher! Become the best idle builder and build a tower in the clouds, in space and on Mars!

In this idle builder game, you will manage many things.

- Decide which parts to buy for your little tower?

- Choose what materials to use in your building?

- Plan which upgrades are better for your skyscraper?

- Manage cash and make decisions like a construction tycoon, improving your skyscraper with every click!

It's up to you to decide how your tower looks! Each floor of a skyscraper can have its own design!

Stack the blocks and build unique, incredible, fantastic skyscrapers from a small tower!

Build the tallest unused towers and earn as much money as possible in this best unused tycoon game.

Various improvements will help you build faster and improve the click effect of idle tower building. The higher the towers you build, the higher your game score will be!

It's not like other city building games! Enjoy idle quizzer games and cool 3D graphics! Build incredible things and become the richest idle building mogul!

How to play

Build your own village in a sprawling wild world! This game can be played both online and offline, and with its great content, you'll be a kid again and have a fun time! Play this PlayStore best simulation game for free now! Super Cool Buildings Where are the blocks? You can first learn how to play the game by building your own houses, schools, mines and more. Then, you can decorate your buildings with furniture and wallpaper. It's your town, do whatever you like! Once the basics are set up, you can embark on grand projects like building the Eiffel Tower, planes and more! Lots of pets Then play with pets! You can adopt a dog, a cat, a horse, or even an elephant! Visit your friends You can visit the cities built by your friends (or enemies) and see who has the biggest village! You can also see if their new castle has been completed yet, and if not, you can help them out and they will pay you later! Multiplayer is so much fun! Craft and sell You can make custom blocks, special furniture or entire building blueprints, and even better, you can sell them and earn lots of crystals!


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