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Mini World: CREATA

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Mini World is a free 3D sandbox game where you can adventure, explore and create your dream world as you wish. There are no levels in Mini World, and no IAPs to lock in some of the features for free players. Every player can enjoy all the wonderful features of the game!

Survival Mode

Collect resources, forge tools, and build shelters. Keep forging and upgrading tools to build up your strength so you can call your friends and challenge the scary giants in the dungeon!

Creation Mode

At the beginning of the game, you have all the unlimited resources. By placing and destroying blocks, you can build floating castles, design machines that automatically harvest wheat, and create maps that automatically play music. Here, use your imagination and there is nothing you can't achieve.

Play maps made by community playersWant to experience the game quickly? We have selected for you in the Mini Workshop the excellent maps made by players, which were chosen together by the loyal players of our game. A wide variety of interesting map types: parkour, puzzle, FPS, and strategy maps. One click to access the maps and communicate with players from all over the world to grow.

Game features.

 Updates: monthly updated content and events

Offline single player mode and online multiplayer online: you can play single player mode offline or online with friends

Vast sandbox world: Explore the sprawling sandbox world full of unique monsters, cubes, materials and minerals

Powerful game editor: With powerful game editor, parkour, maze, FPS, strategy maps are all easy to play.

Mini workshop: you can upload your own maps for other players to experience, and you can also download popular maps made by other players.

Game modes: survival mode, creation mode, maps created by other players

Localization: Mini World currently supports more than 14 languages: English, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, Turkish, Italian, German, Indonesian and Chinese.

How to play

Mini World: Block Art This game is very similar to Minecraft, a 'sandbox' game that unleashes your imagination to explore an endless world. Choose the classic creation mode, where you'll gain immortality and be able to create anything you want, or, alternatively, enter survival mode and see how long you can survive in this fragile body. Either mode supports single-player or against other online players.

Mini World: Block Art's gameplay is very similar to the previously mentioned Minecraft. You can mine nature for blocks, add them to your inventory, create dozens of tools using various ingredients, and interact with a vast array of elements in the environment. You can not only make picks, shovels, swords... You can also build machine guns, drills, bows, and tons of other items.

Mini World: Block Art is a great 'sandbox' game in every way. Not only are the graphics great, but there are a breathtaking number of items to interact with. It also allows players to play with players from all over the world via public servers, or compete with friends via private servers. You will willingly dedicate hours, if not days, to this game.


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