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MultiCraft Build and Mine!

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Build and destroy blocks. Get resources and create a variety of tools, blocks and weapons with which you can survive and create unique buildings.

Choose your side in this world - builders (creation mode) or cold hunters, who will do their best to stay alive (survival mode)!

► Beware, the world is not only full of peaceful animals, but also terrible monsters! Win the battle against them and you will get priceless resources!

► Travel across the ocean in search of new lands and resources - the lands are unlimited. Explore them!

► If you decide to survive - keep an eye out for hunger and fill it in time! Find food, grow plants and kill mobs to get meat!

► Build shelters for monsters and you will survive this night! They're coming for you ...... zombies, skeletons, giant spiders and other hostile creatures.

► At any time, you can use the "Flight" mode to fly into the sky, or use the "Acceleration" mode to become lightning fast. Make the game easier if you want.

In this game, your actions are limited only by your imagination! The game does not require any skills - you can fully understand it in the first minutes of the game. With our games you can have a good time anywhere, anytime! And it's completely free!

Do you want to play with your friends? Join one of the user servers ("Multiplayer" or "Create Server" tab). The game has a constantly updated list of various servers. You will surely find something you like.

How to play

multicraft build and mine game will have more freedom to build mode, here a lot of new tasks can be completed, in the open world to unlock different ways to play, a lot of props can go to use up, through some new mode to feel the fun, every time the reward is very good oh!

New pixel construction mode, there are new drawings to choose from.

The game has a variety of ways to try, and the rewards are different every day.

The game can be directly online, and their friends to play together happily, a lot of tools can go to use up!

There is nothing to do but build houses everywhere, fix brand new bugs, meet new battles for players.

Explore any village and pile up prepared materials into the perfect palace, with simple virtual operations.

Build your own luxury houses, collect lots of resources, recruit your friends in more durable houses.

The fun casual construction game that can create a whole new world with the touch of a finger, you can get all kinds of things you need at your will.

You can also go online with your friends to create, experience the freedom to create unlimited fun, get all kinds of resources can be used!


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