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Are you looking for some action? Check out Pixel Gun 3D: Online Shooter

Playing action shooting video games is a lot of fun. Their main appeal is the ability to play online versus random people while shooting firearms! Pixel Gun 3D: Online Shooter is among these action shooting video games you can enjoy playing now!

Pixel Gun 3D: Online Shooter is a fantastic fps multiplayer shooter game. Experience the intense action, blocky visuals, and so much more:

Each gamer's on-screen character is controlled via a virtual analog joystick on your screen's left and right corners. Players press the corresponding on-screen controls to shoot, leap, or recharge. This game features two distinctive formats: a standard single-player survival option whereby you mostly fire undead and bones. Next is the multiplayer option, wherein you will fight real players. This game also has a skin creator, enabling users to design their unique character looks and style, then export those into Minecraft graphic resources.

Choose from great 800 various guns and employ them as you see best. Choose between an ancient broadsword or perhaps the Dark Energy Harvester. Your shoes are now off! Never overlook explosives either.

Team up with your allies to develop your clan towards the highest ranks and earn valuable rewards. Upgrade and customize your Citadel to survive PVP battles or invasions, and construct a powerful tank to class with other Tribes' citadels.

Pixel Gun 3D: Online Shooter is a first-person shooting and battle royale online game that has over 35 stages with a 1,000 wide range of weaponry. It contains two distinctive gameplay modes: a solo-player campaign option wherein participants must eliminate enemies like corpses and skeletons before facing main bosses and a competitive multiplayer version in which participants engage on a battlefield to achieve a predetermined number of points. Whereas "Group Battles" include two groups, and then multiplayer "Deathmatches" pit participants against one another. You may use credit acquired during multiplayer matches to buy cool in-game gear. All players may adopt animals, change their character's appearance, form tribes, and get companion animals. This game's aesthetics and gameplay features are comparable to those of Minecraft.


This isn't your typical pixel-based shooting game. Now is the time to put the crafts down and pick up your weapon!

The Pixel Gun 3D: Online Shooter is a solid online shooting for older gamers. Even though the gameplay had the same restrictions as any other mobile shooting game, it is still enjoyable, plus it has a solid online multiplayer community. Although the battlefields are short and the weaponry choices are limited, it's a quick and enjoyable distraction.

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How to play

How do you get new weapons?

Playing the game is the only way to unlock new weaponry. A variety of methods exist for obtaining every single one of them.

● The Trader's van

Once in a while, a new truck carrying the latest and current weaponry will appear within your main lobby. According to the quality and rarity of the weaponry, players may purchase it using gems or money.

● Sets

Upon your lobby display, there is another menu. The Sets containing three firearms will sometimes arrive inside, along with the Avatar. Your first attempt will always be . Therefore, if you're patient and fortunate, you can acquire it even without spending expensive in-game cash (this is updated from 1-3 days). However, if you want to achieve it more quickly, you can always pay more effort into using pricy gems.

● The Lottery

You could get weaponry for nothing, similar to the Sets menu (located directly below). Use the special keys you may obtain as a prize for the combat to unlock one of several three vaults containing various contents.

● Pixel Pass

You will get a minimum of one new firearm and weapon at the end of every season by accomplishing objectives and leveling up your "Pixel Passes." The paid version offers access to a more significant number of incentives.

● The Store

Purchases that involve weaponry made by the creators may be found from time to time, or bargains can be found in which the player can choose their equipment.

● Armory

You may purchase various items and firearms in the armories if you go to the tab labeled "Weapons."

● Gallery

Players will be rewarded with a unique kind of cash known as vouchers if they gather weaponry. Once you have a sufficient number of these, you can trade them in for different types of cool weaponry.

Top Features

● The latest game mode is called "imposter mode."

You and the other gamers are stranded on the spacecraft, so you must do certain chores to maintain the spacecraft operational and land safely. However, the squad has a pretender who will constantly sabotage the group's objectives.

● Amazing Clans

Push your tribe towards the top categories, team up alongside your pals, and take advantage of the great rewards.

Build a solid tanker to storm the Citadel of many other Tribes while updating and customizing your own Fort to withstand PvE invasions.

● Participate in Clan wars

To achieve victory, take over kingdoms, manage the vast global battlefield, accumulate honor scores, and generate cash from your domains.

● Tons of cool weaponry to collect

Here on Pixel Gun 3D, almost 900 unique weaponry are possible to collect and use. Do you want to wield the Dark Energy Generators or perhaps a blade and armor from the Middle Ages? Go now! Explosives should also not be overlooked.

● Tons of skins to choose

Are you more interested in becoming an Orc, a Corpse, a Powerful Knight, or somebody else? To demonstrate your skill, dress in elaborate costumes and clothes. Instead, you may make your own with the Appearance Designer.

● Exciting game modes

Duels, Deathmatches, Battle Royals, and Invasions, Oh My! There seem to be plenty of options that may be open for you to test your limits. Not to forget the fights that take place each week in alternating settings.

● Mini-games

Are you sick of leading the frontlines? Now is your opportunity to join the contests and demonstrate your prowess to the global greatest fighters. Your character will face trials like the Sniper Competition, Parkour Battle, Aerial Race, and more!


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