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Garena Free Fire - New Age



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Five Nights at Freddy's 2



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  • Version : 2.434.405561
  • Updated : May 28, 2020
  • Size : 90.7MB
  • Developer : Roblox Corporation

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Roblox Allows Gamers to Create Their Own Experience and Adventure

Tired of playing the same old games, waiting endlessly for updates, and spending vast amounts of money just for the privilege of being on the system? Roblox never becomes boring as users can customize their own gaming experience. From the uniqueness your appearance down to the game genre, this platform has thousands of adventures to chose from.

Where Will Your Adventure Take You?

Why play the same type of game each day when there is a vast world of adventure waiting for you in Roblox? Maybe you feel like playing Minecraft, today. Numerous games allow you to create and survive in your own 3D world.

Whether you want to live out a virtual life in Bloxburg, find the murderer in Murder Mystery 2, or simply play Adopt Me, there are thousands of games to select from.

Whether you are in the mood for an RPG, want to go on an epic adventure, live in a fantasy world, or just chill, there is always something to do on Roblox. Plus, you can customize your appearance to reflect your own uniqueness.

Avatars That Are as Unique as the User

You are unique. Shouldn't your avatar be as well? Roblox allows users to customize their own appearance to reflect their personality. Choose your own hair cut/color, what you will wear, or customize your facial expression. Anything you can imagine is possible in this platform.

Be yourself, or whoever you want to be in this platform. There is never a shortage of selection as new items are added continually. When you are done, will your friends even be able to recognize you?

Ask Your Friends to Join You

Or make new ones! People play Roblox globally which allows you to chat with new individuals in a safe environment. Furthermore, friends aren’t confined to a certain game. You can play with them in any game across platforms.

What Age is Roblox Appropriate for?

Due to the nature of some games within the community, Roblox is recommended for those ten years and older. Parents can be confident in allowing their children on the platform knowing that it is monitored for language, inappropriate behavior, and hate speech.

Your child's safety is the ultimate concern with Roblox. They have taken extra precautionary measures to prevent personally identifiable information from being posted on sites as players each have different age appropriate settings. 

Parents can monitor what their children are doing, conversations, and transactions within Roblox. They can also incorporate account restrictions, a parent PIN, and two-step verification all to keep their child safe.

Roblox is a platform designed for all ages and is geared towards the vastness in age groups. Both the young and the young at heart can engage in multiple games designed for their age group. Since it has a global reach, there are a diversity of cultures and groups of people that interact with each of the games. 

Yet despite the variations in culture, language, backgrounds, and ages, it remains a safe place for all involved to either compete or play in a game respectfully with each other.

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Master for Minecraft.

How to play

Roblox games are extremely free, there is no limit to play, and players can create unexpected surprises in the game according to their own ideas!

You can play Roblox games created by players from all over the world, these games bring together different ideas that you may not even imagine, there are various categories, maybe a shooting game, maybe a survival game, the choice is very large, pick these interesting games according to your preference.

In addition to being able to play games created by other players in the game, you can also become the creator of the game. Players can create physics-based interactive models through Rolbox Studio, then design the construction of the game, and finally, until the game is released, Roblox players from all over the world will be able to share the games you design!

In Roblox, there's nothing you can't think of that Roblox can't do!


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- Professional Critic -


The game itself is good. But there are some problems. There are some games that can only be played on a PC, so I'm sure that if the situation changes, many people will like it, and everyone can play it. Another problem is that the game is relatively backward. But I don’t mind, it’s understandable. Similarly, ppl crashing and cracking games are very easy, which is quiet but fun.

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  • ByThetewjays
    Roblox is my fav game
    Helpful (3)
  • ByAiesha
    I love this game so much better than the other ones because it lets you do your own avatar and it lets you play your own game lol you can go to the app
    Helpful (3)
  • ByRosabella floyd
    Roblox is so cool, i never played roblox. But it looks like a fun game.
    Helpful (2)
  • ByRyrt
    I've know and played this game for a while now its amazing u can join lots of fun wolds and play with friend or make friends download this app for free
    Helpful (3)
  • ByLindsey
    Oh my god, this game is fantastic! it is so cool love the sound of the footsteps!!
    Helpful (14)
  • ByKenzie Kasl
    i play roblox with my friends it has so many different games it is so much fun friend me my username is friendkenz1
    Helpful (12)
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