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Toca Life: Office

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Ever wondered what adults do all day? Play Toca Life: Office and let your imagination run wild as you describe the office life in your head!

Toca Life: Office is a lot like a regular office - you can enjoy everyday life with your laptop, printer and photocopier; have lunch at the café and take cash out of the bank. But in Toca Life, even simple, boring office life can be turned into an exciting adventure! Discover hidden surprises, fly helicopters and turn ordinary people into superheroes! Where will you be working today?


Role play in six locations: bank, office, rooftop, courthouse, flat and daycare. And a warehouse with a fire pole!

Meet 35 new characters!

Find costumes hidden in different locations and transform your character into a superhero!

Find surprises in secret rooms!

Change floors in the glass lift.

Store your valuables in the bank safe. Set alarms to keep items safe!

Explore the items stored in the safe.

Draw on the whiteboard, print out on the computer and make copies on the photocopier.

Explore the large office and unlock secret hideaways!

Play with jellyfish in the aquarium.

Pretend to be a chef and create gourmet meals in the café!

Get into a helicopter and start the propellers!

Conduct a virtual trial in the courthouse.

Discover the secrets in the prison.

How to play

Explore six locations

The day nursery: first stop: the day nursery where the little ones can play instruments, play in the mud, grow plants outside and slide on the playground!

The bank: the safe contains many valuable treasures, and keeping them here will prevent them from being stolen. But if the alarm is triggered, it's time to get moving!

Office: use the printer to print out documents, then use the photocopier to make copies! What else can be copied? Exciting secrets can be discovered by solving desktop puzzles in the fantasy-filled office!

Rooftop: discover new recipes by sampling the food in the café! A helicopter is on standby on the roof's tarmac for a quick evacuation in it when needed!

Court: Do some detective work - you may need to solve a crime! Make a trial and publish the verdict. Shhh... There's a secret in the prison - will anyone escape?

The flat: home at last after a long day! You can make a dinner, take a nap or even do your laundry in the washing machine!

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  • Bylila
    love the game
  • Bymeinie
    i love taco world
  • Byivy
    I do not like the game
  • Byscarlett
    do you to download the game
  • Byscarlett
    i think game will be fun


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