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PAW Patrol: Pups to the Rescue

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Take a rescue road trip with all your favorite pups in the new app: PAW Patrol Pups to the Rescue.

Added a brand new location: The Jungle! and 5 new PAW Patrol rescues!

1. help Skye take off in her helicopter and fly over the jungle in search of that silly monkey Mandy!

2. Caius climbs the temple ruins with his suction cup boots to find the ancient necklace!

3. Rocky fixes Matea's damaged nest, then you tap the eggs to help the chicks hatch!

4. help Rocky's bulldozer clear the rocks from the gate to the temple, and when you're done, do the Puppy Boogie!

5. Use Chase's night vision goggles to find Cap'n Turbot in the cave, but watch out for silly bats along the way!

With the new Paw Patroller vehicle, pups can now save the day outside of Adventure Cove! Your cubs will be on the lookout for rescue alerts, then head to the bay, the ice fields and Yumi's farm for rescue missions! Each of the seven pups has a different rescue style with a variety of fun mechanics including swiping, tapping, tilting and drawing circles. The rescue comes with new tools and vehicles for each pup! The app also includes a bonus screen with over 30 prizes, tutorials for each game, a parent screen and lesson guides.

How to play

  • Children go on rescues with all their favorite pups!

  • 13 different interactive rescues.

  • 4 locations: The Farm, the Bay, the Ice Fields, and the Jungle.

  • Each rescue is a 2 part game that features the tools/skills of the Pups, and gives players the chance to experience the tools and gadgets for themselves.

  • Map screen to track your progress and select your next rescue.

  • Rewards screen with mission specific reward badges for each rescue, plus additional meta awards for completing all the rescues (over 30 awards in total)!

  • In-game tutorials.

  • Parents screen and curriculum guide.


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  • ByIsabella Moscarelli
    my brother loves this game
  • ByIsabella Moscarelli
    I love games
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    I like it
  • ByKailash jodha
    cool game
  • ByKailash jodha
    cool game



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