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Toca Life: Vacation
Android Food iOS Simulation Casual boys Girls free diy fun single fashion Toca kids cooking recipe creative imagination custom
  • Version : 1.2-amazon
  • Updated : June 20, 2018
  • Size : 142.3MB
  • Developer : Toca Boca

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Pack your things and drive to the airport to catch the TOCA LIFE: VACATION flight to fun and relaxation. You can play freely in four different settings: an airport or airplane, a hotel, a beach, and a town. To travel around or interact with countless objects, select a character from a wide variety. Enjoy the X-ray machine, get on the plane, and explore the cockpit. 

You have a multitude of choices for things to do at your destination, including buying groceries and touring on the beachfront, playing in the park, surfing in the sea, and exploring the resort. Scroll down to gain an in-depth insight into this awesomeness and its super cool gameplay.

You will be able to act out a fantastic vacation while playing this game. Therefore, parents can attempt this game if it is difficult for them to take their kids outside and go a great distance for a relaxing holiday. It will make a fantastic substitute. Even though it is a virtual activity, you will have a blast traveling throughout the world. Simply think of the home screen as a navigational aid. You can select the location you would like to visit by touching on it. 

  If you are successful in uncovering some hidden gems on the shore, you will be thrilled. Simply build the pleasure you want for your vacation. You can always come up with something new about your own vacation tales by using your own creativity. There are many interesting activities you can do after you arrive at your location such as Shopping and tourism. If you grow weary of playing on the beach, you could surf in the water. To have fun with others, you can simply wander around the hotel. 

 Toca Life: Vacation is filled with pleasant surprises. Discover who lives on the seafloor, unlock a hidden chamber, unearth hidden treasures, and peek at a statue that seems quite mysterious. Make a unique video using the in-app recording option. As you tell the story, this function records your voice and the actions of the characters. Make up to two-minute-long vacation films and also save it to your photo stream for sharing later.

 Even if you are missing a family vacation this year, this powerful game can give a little kid a holiday-like experience with its cool features. Even virtually, it's a lot of fun to feel the excitement of hurrying through an airport to get to your desired location, checking into a hotel, or searching for treasures on the beach. 34 characters in total will be introduced to you, all of whom you can use to develop your own stories. You can choose who you want to play with. 

 You will check in at the counter, travel through the X-ray machine and board a plane at the airport to begin the journey. You can go to the cockpit and observe the pilots getting ready to take off. You can eat a light meal, and take advantage of the aircraft's contemporary amenities, like reading, listening to the music, and streaming movies. Discovering the hidden secrets beneath the ground is amazing. You will be able to learn more about the organisms that live on the seafloor, for instance. You will have the option to access a hidden compartment. 

 The music in the background is soothing, adorable, yet occasionally thrilling to stimulate the children's interest. The graphics are sharp, fluid, colorful, and humorous. You can even recline in the room to watch movies, read a book, and eat. Then you may run to the shore, stroll to the sounds of nature, listen to the crashing of the waves, observe the clear sky, play volleyball, enjoy cool ice cream, take in the scenery from the deck, go surfing, or simply read a book while lounging in a lounge stool in front of the azure water. 

How to play

Toca Life: Vacation is really a delightful early learning programme that promotes the development of pre-reading, communication, and fine motor abilities. The engaging application promotes innovation, problem-solving, and much more. The ability for kids to explore and learn on their own is one of the app's best advantages.

● The game includes custom controls with a high FPS screen. 

● In the airport sector, you have the option to take on the role of a security guard or staff member and begin by inspecting each passenger's personal belongings. Thereby finishing a tonne of mini-games to earn the ability to fly. 

● The staff's costumes can be made creatively using the control buttons on the screen. 

● You can find high-fashion trends in the fourth theme, taking in varied fine meals, and enjoying event attractions.

● Create 34 new character stories.

● The penthouse suite's view can be enjoyed after ascending to the top floor in the hotel elevator while playing games. 

●  Browse the gift shop for souvenirs, snap pictures with the cutouts, and grab a bite on the boardwalk.

●  Enjoy beach activities and surf over marine life.

● Share your stories you've recorded in the app with your friends. Software seeks access to your device's camera roll and microphone when you move objects across the screen in order to record your sound. You must select the "Allow" option to continue.

● Play for as much as you want with no time restrictions or high scores required. 

● It includes some entertaining interactive elements, such as an elevator that takes you to various hotel regions where you may explore something special on each floor.

● When you enter a location, specific characters and stuff are arranged in specific ways; you are  to move them as you choose.

● On the flight, you can move a ball or the meal cart down the aisle.

● Storage room is also available where you can gather and keep things that you don't need. 

You can always learn more about the app's features and how to play the game by reading the letter from the developer.

The game constantly develops a tonne of mini-games or puzzles in a variety of genres, even giving each location its own unique vibe when players visit. Each and every bit of the game is creative and enjoyable, infused with a thrilling and delightful experience.

To encourage other enthusiasts to play this game, please feel  to share your gaming experiences in the comments section.


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