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Toca Lab: Elements

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Toca Lab: Elements - Learn About Elements in a Fun Way! 

Toca Lab: Elements is an exciting and educational game where you learn about periodic elements in a fun manner. With the help of your trusty lab tools, equipment, and other lab items, you can discover more facts regarding these elements. It's also a great opportunity to learn about these elements' silly and distinctive personalities!

If you dream of becoming a scientist, this highly entertaining teaching game will fulfill that dream just for you. With that said, here's everything you need to know about Toca Lab: Elements below!

This fun science game was developed by Toca Boca and was officially launched on February 14, 2014. If you're interested in playing this vibrant and quirky game, here are a few of the game experiences awaiting you below:

Get your very own fun-filled Toca Lab

Of course, you can't become a scientist if you don't own a well-equipped lab. So, in this game, you have your own fun-filled Toca Lab that contains all your science and lab must-haves! These include your lab tools, equipment, chemicals, and more!

Go ahead and explore your lab as you desire to find out all the usable items you have in there. After all, your Toca Lab is the key to unlocking all the available elements in the periodic table.

Unlock various elements by conducting a wide variety of experiments 

As stated above, your Toca Lab plays a vital role in unlocking several elements included in the periodic table. Besides, your Toca Lab is home to multiple lab tools and equipment. Some of these include the centrifuge, Bunsen burner, oscilloscope, and more.

Other than that, you also have access to cooling agents and various lab chemicals. Thanks to the available items in your lab, you're free to conduct a wide variety of experiments in the game. Conducting successful experiments means unlocking various elements in the game. So, make sure to use these lab tools, equipment, and chemicals extensively.

Discover the unique personalities of your newly collected elements 

Did you manage to conduct a successful experiment? Congratulations! You can discover the element's unique personality by further studying them. For instance, what does the element sound like? How heavy are they? What color do they have?

Do take note that each element has its own distinct set of characteristics and unique personality. And with so many elements to discover, you're bound to deal with numerous characteristics and personalities in the game! Isn't that so fun?

Obtain a total of 118 elements to complete your periodic table

Have access to some never-ending fun and learning in Toca Lab: Elements! After all, 118 periodic table elements are waiting to be discovered through your exciting experiments. Collect all of these elements and place them on your table.

Feel free to go back now and then to your collection to look at your missing elements. If you want to meet all 118 periodic elements, go ahead and take your curiosity to the next level by getting creative with your lab experiments.

Immerse yourself in vibrant and appealing graphics 

Your learning experience in this science game won't be a dull one. After all, you can immerse yourself in the game's vibrant and appealing graphics that are easy on the eye. Furthermore, all elements here are drawn with adorable faces and expressions. This ensures a learning experience that is effective, memorable, and entertaining.

How to play

This game doesn't include any rules or limitations. You'll simply be given an elemental blob with a cute face at the very beginning. From there, you're  to do whatever you want with the blob with the help of your lab items in your Toca Lab.

Are you feeling a little confused about what to do in the game? If that's the case, here's a helpful guide on how to play Toca Lab: Elements below:

Put your squishy elemental blob in different lab tools 

As previously mentioned, your Toca Lab contains different lab tools and equipment. You can use these items to alter the form of your elemental blob. Here are the following lab items you can use for your experiments below:

●  Centrifuge: great for spinning your element

●  Bunsen burner: made for heating your element 

●  Oscilloscope: used to alter the voltage of your element / add magnetic properties 

Since there are no restrictions in the game, you can go ahead and put your blob in just one or all lab tools. Who knows, perhaps you might unlock a new element upon doing so!

Mix some chemicals in your elemental blob

Other than your lab tools, you also have several chemicals available for use in your lab. These chemicals include fascinating cooling agents and some mysterious chemicals. All of them are stored in different test tubes, which you can easily access in your Toca Lab.

Once again, the game won't limit the amount and types of chemicals you can add to your blob. Due to that, feel  to do the necessary experiments to unlock more periodic elements in the game.

Don't forget to experiment on your other discovered elements 

Simply experimenting on the initial blob you receive at the beginning of the game won't get you so far. Having said that, if you want to obtain more elements, don't forget to experiment with your other discovered elements in the game.

Similar to your original blob, you can run your newly discovered elements through various experiments. Simply repeat the processes you conducted to these new elements in the game. And just like with your initial blob, some experiments might not do anything. But if you're successful, you can obtain a new entry for your collection.

View your collected elements in your periodic table to study or analyze them

Whenever you discover an element, it is added to your designated periodic table. If you'd like to find out what elements you've already unlocked, you can always pay a visit to your periodic table. Viewing this area also ensures you can get to know more about your collected elements by further analyzing them.

Of course, the creation of the elements in the game does not represent how these elements are formed in real life. But then again, the elements in this game closely resemble their real-life counterparts, making it a great game to get started with your period table knowledge. And aside from offering valuable information, this game provides you with an excellent opportunity to satisfy your curious self!

If you're a fan of funky experiments, Toca Lab: Elements is a fantastic game that gives you a glimpse into a scientist's job. Of course, this game is added with a splash of fun to ensure a fun learning experience like no other. And if you already play this entertaining science game, feel  to share your experience through the comments section!


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