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Need for Speed Heat

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Busy during the day and the risk of rapid heating at night, this is a white knuckle racer, when you enter the Elite of Street Racing and collide with the rogue police in your city. Participate in the "Hunter Duel" speed competition every day, which is an approved competition in which you can win a bank to customize and upgrade the garage of premium cars. When your riding style has been perfectly adjusted and overtuned, and you are ready to increase the intensity, please quickly enter the night, you and your staff will participate in illegal street competitions, which will establish your reputation and allow you to participate in Games and better parts. However, under the cover of darkness, a rogue contingent took them to put on their clothes, risking all the glory to take the glory underground, or return to your safe house to start another exciting day. Roads, risks and rides will never end in this street car. Here your staff, your garage is full of hot cars, and the city is your uninterrupted parking lot.

How to play

Seize the opportunity to win; go online at the speed of the hunter showdown every day, compete for the championship in the race, drift and off-road

Obedient, expressive, and more options to customize your car stabilizer and personalize your steering wheel identity

After overcoming the darkness, when the rogue task force came out to play, the rules changed, and now they are looking for "you and your wheel".

- Professional Critic -


The Need for Speed ​​series seems to be divided into two directions: "real line" and "super line", the shift series is the representative of the real line, and the hot pursuit series is the representative of the super line.

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  • Bycristian romero
    this game is the best
  • Bycristian
    this game is the best
  • Bytillie
    i like roblox
  • Bytillie
    i like roblox
  • Byantonio
    it is a masing


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