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CSR Racing 2
Adventure Racing simulation car Online iOS Android 3d challenge Role playing boy race classic AR mode realistic
  • Version : 2.15.0
  • Updated : September 3, 2020
  • Size : 80.74MB
  • Developer : NaturalMotionGames Ltd

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Are you bored at home and searching for any real-time racing game? So, you are at the right place as in this article you'll get to know about a wonderful racing game - CSR Racing 2. Read everything from the description to how to play the section till the end and know everything about CSR Racing 2. Now, let's not discuss everything here and jump directly to the description section. 

CSR Racing 2 is a real-time car racing simulator with super-real racing drags just to your palms. Here you will be exposed to amazing players online with your customized supercar which includes McLaren P1 LaFerrari, Koenigsegg One, and many such awesome cars.

Ride your car with the fullest thrilling speeds and exciting features. Experience the next level of fun while building your teams and garages. Excited? It's going to be more when you will know its features which are as follows: 

Next level and generation graphics 

Real-time gaming and racing experience

Customization and configuration of cars accordingly 

Great up-gradation, fusion, and tune 

Garage customization with amazing tools 

These are just a few features as others will be known to you when you'll play the game. 

The amazing graphics include the authentic and beautiful interior of supercars. Further, they have options of manufacturer trim so that you can add or remove car features and tools according to your ease and need. 

Paint your car with your favorite color and design it however you want to. Personalize your ride by altering brake calipers, license plates, or paint raps. Thus this game is known for its customization and configuration as these features are very hard to find in other car simulator games! 

Wondering if this game is a multiplayer one? So, luckily yes, it is. Now, you don't have to miss out on your friends and can play together. The best thing is you can build your team and dominate the city roads and crush your rivals. 

The online mode allows you to play with other players all across the world and challenge them with a tough fight to get good rankings.

You and your friends will be glad to see your or your team's name on the online dashboard that is displayed on every player's game application, letting everyone know who is the toughest racer in this game! 

Further, as the game is inclusive and doesn't want to disappoint its young fans, it doesn't promote any adult or violent content. Therefore, you can include your younger siblings in the game as well and remove their boredom. 

So, this was all about the game description and now it is time to know how to play this game and get a hold of it. Continue to read the below section on "How to play " and learn to play the game fast.

How to play

CSR Racing 2 is an interesting game but a little complex too as it gets difficult to understand where to start the game and what to do first. But after reading this section you will not feel the same as other players as each stage will be clear to you. 

So, it is quite obvious that as soon as you open the game and tap on the "start to play " button the game will be started. What you have to do next is discussed as follows in the below-given points : 

Stage # 1

First, choose your supercar, get into it and customize it yourself. Know your skills and speed by testing a ride then if you feel some change then go for it with the amazing manufacturer tools and guide inside it. It's not going to be very difficult to change the settings as the manual guide will tell you everything that you want to know. But, do it fast as you have got other work as well to do in the game.

Stage # 2 

Now, when you're done with customizing your car then call your friends and build a superteam to face the challenges thrown by the other players all across the globe in the online mode. Accept the challenge and win them. Dominate the city with your gang, defeat the other player and earn cash in rewards. Then use that cash to upgrade your team, skills, tools, and cars. 

Stage # 3 

The game doesn't end with upgrading as new events pop up on your screen but before that don't forget to build up your dream garage where you can rest your car and repair it. This is a very important part of the game as you will not be able to win the challenges even after brushing up your team's skills as well as yours if you haven't upgraded and repaired your supercar.

So manage them carefully and consciously! 

I Hope, now after reading these instructions the game seems easy to you as well as interesting. Follow the given instructions consciously and get your name on the game's dashboard. This will make you an established and known player with whom many racers will like to have challenges.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and install this thrilling game today and start to play it now. Call your colleagues and tell them whatever you have learned from this article so that they too can have a smooth beginning. Build your team and start training! 

Wondering if you have to buy the game? No, it is all  so now you can enjoy it anytime and anywhere. Amazing, right? Yes, the developers of this game have given their best to provide you with the best racing features ever. Therefore you must not miss this opportunity as who knows when their minds change and they start asking for money for game access.

So, this was all about CSR Racing 2, and bow it's your turn to show your gaming skills in the game. Last but not the least, don forget to come back and share whatever extra you have experienced and learned in the game so that all the other rookie players can know it here! 


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    I like this game
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    it so cool bt it wont let me lay the game.
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  • ByNathan
    I love this game
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    this is the best game ever
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  • ByJamelle
    This game is so epic and fun and addicting and fun and addictive but the controls are very hard
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  • Bykyle
    i love this game
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