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Toca Hair Salon 3
  • price : Free
  • OS : AndroidIOS
  • Version : 1.2.5-amazon
  • Updated : March 06, 2019
  • Size : 98MB
  • Developer : Toca Boca
Ios Ios
Android Android
Amazon Amazon


Do you have kids and looking for a game app to play with them? Look no further because Toca Hair Salon 3 is finally here! This is a beautiful game you can You can play it on any device.

Aside from teaching your kids to accept uniqueness and difference, Toca Hair Salon promotes or enhances their creativity skills. Moreover, it does not limit your gaming experience by employing simple and easy-to-understand game rules.

For the past few years, Toca Boca has been one of the most popular developers of innovative game apps specifically designed for children and kids at heart. Every game application they develop is worth playing because they make sure to equip it with unique and modern features.

Toca Hair Salon is one of their well-known app series that has returned to its latest third version. Children will love this game app because it has the best features and offers hundreds of new characters. Therefore, your kids can freely show their creativity using different tools and characters.

As its name suggests, Toca Hair Salon 3 allows its players to grow, shave, color, blow-dry, curl, and cut the character's hair. One of the best features of this game app is that your kids can customize the facial hair and hairstyle of the characters using every tool available in the hair salon.

Aside from that, kids can also change the accessories and clothing of the characters. Therefore, they can create distinct-looking characters that will represent their unique way of styling. Because of its fun and colorful gameplay, Toca Hair Salon 3 is considered some of the best styling game niches for children.

Toca Hair Salon 3 is the most sought-after game application offering enjoyment and a fun game experience. Beyond that, it is also the top application for encouraging diversity. Toca Hair Salon 3 also offers fun, colorful, and bright gameplay for youngsters. This alone shows that the app focuses on showing its sense of style.

Toca Hair Salon 3 allows your children to freely express their opinions and thoughts regarding what they consider fashionable, stylish, and beautiful. In other words, this is an excellent place for your child to express their artistic side independently.

Many of you might think this game is boring because of its childish gameplay. But why not give it a try? You will surely be entertained playing it during your leisure time. This is perfect for kids who enjoy braiding their hair daily. And as your child does the braiding, it is also her way of conducting an in-depth investigation to find some hidden treasure.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that this game requires your patience and effort not to pass judgment on your kid despite the type of hairdo she comes up with in her imagination. Beyond that, it is also a priceless chance you can do to gain a deeper understanding of your kid's inner self.

This game is the home of numerous characters you can play with. Moreover, it also offers a variety of ways to customize their appearance that will give your kid so much delight in the end.

How to play

Trying different hairstyles is a fun activity for most girls. On the other hand, experimenting with various hairdos on your hair might not be a good idea. Toca Boca understands this. Therefore, they developed a game app that allows players to try different hairstyles online.

Aside from that, this also allows you to establish your virtual hair salon and have a chance to play with different hairstyles by curling, plaiting and combing your hair according to your personal preferences. Experimenting with various hairstyles is exciting. However, the app also offers a wide range of colorful accessories and hair dyes that can up your gaming experience.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that the work of a hairstylist can be challenging and enjoyable at the same time. However, you won't have a hard time starting over if something goes wrong during the play.

Using the right hair styling tools and equipment, you can give your online models the appearance of famous television personalities, complete with trendy hairdos that highlight their individuality.

In Toca Hair Salon 3, you will assume the hairstylist role, picking up a comb and a pair of scissors to design fantastic and one-of-a-kind hairstyles for each client who visits your virtual salon. You will have a wide range of colors and characters you can access while sitting on your chair.

This game is designed to give you an engaging hairdressing salon simulator for younger children. This gives players limitless ways and access to a wide range of experimental fashion choices.

With that in mind, you can rest assured that your clients won't get mad or dissatisfied as you provide them with an ordinary and novel hairstyle. Therefore, you should let your incredible imagination run wild and perform genuine miracles with your customer's hair.

Various hairstyles, such as curly, straight, and African, will be available to all players. Aside from that, you will also have a chance to access a vast array of specialized hairdressing tools and equipment that you will use to make a miracle.

If you wrongly cut your customer's hair, you can restore it using the special gel. Compared to its former versions, Toca Hair Salon 3 features many improvements. As a player, you can anticipate multiple customers to whom you will have a chance to give a distinctive look.

To sum up, Toca Hair Salon is one of the best games for kids and adults. It lets you try different hairstyles until you find the one that suits your face shape and other facial features. You can perform lots of hairstyle experiments here without worrying about committing a mistake.

This game lets kids try every hairstyle they come up with their mind. And if you are a parent, this can also be your way of encouraging them to show their ideas and feelings about their chosen character and hairstyle. The entire process and gameplay will give you a better understanding of your kids without much pressure.

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