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  • price : Free
  • OS : AndroidIOS
  • Version :
  • Updated : April 15, 2020
  • Size : 95.1MB
  • Developer : Mojang


Minecraft Allows Players to Create Their Own 3-D World Complete With Epic Adventures 

Engage with others in realms or by yourself in this epic three-dimensional world of adventure. Minecraft contains creative and survival modes each designed with their own distinctive gaming experience. Fend off mobs in this pixel game by creating your own weapons or for added intrigue, tweak how the game is played.

Creative mode offers unlimited resources allowing players to use their imagination to design massive builds. Create your own game with an encompassing singular structure or generate your own town. What distinctive features will you incorporate?

Want more of a challenge? Enter into an epic battle of survival as you explore the vast landscapes in Minecraft to locate your own building supplies and food. Fight off deadly zombies and creepers threatening your very existence. Shelters are only constructed on what you can find adding a new level of complexity to the game.

The purpose of Minecraft is to continually build, survive, and explore. Visit the marketplace to receive skins, unique maps, and texture packs to enhance game play.

How Easy is it to Play?

Minecraft is very easy to play. Originally designed for ages ten and up, younger audiences can engage in it with parental consent. 

In terms of content, the only item of concern for parents may be creepers and zombies. However, Minecraft has overcome this aspect by introducing peaceful mode which eliminates these mobs.

Even the slash commands are easy to use when modifying the game. Slash commands allow users to give away items, summon mobs, teleport, change the weather, and further customize the game in creative mode.

Tech-savvy users, however, may further modify the game as they can alter data-driven behaviors to generate resource packs. This just highlights the diversity of the game.

What Makes Minecraft Unique?

While Roblox allows you to design buildings in Bloxburg, Minecraft allows players to design entire communities within their realm. Buildings are in the form of movable blocks and are three-dimensional renderings. Players can explore the ends of their creativity by generating any  building they can imagine.

Once designed, users can choose to tear it down and keep designing, do slash commands, or engage in a battle mode for survival. For children, this is fun because it allows them to be creative, challenge others, and is entertaining.

People of all ages play in Minecraft for hours in player versus player combat. The game is exciting and ever-morphing. You can begin with basic Minecraft or in Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons is an adventure quest designed to save villagers from their nemesis, the Arch-Illager. There are seven additional downloadable content packs (DLC) in Minecraft specifically designed for Minecraft Dungeons that expand the game into new adventures.

Minecraft takes players on an epic, adventure-filled game filled with villains of varying degrees. It allows users to either create their own area or engage in battle for survival. Whatever they choose to do, parents can be assured they are learning valuable STEM skills while doing it.

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How to play

The game in order to allow players to better experience the game, you can create in the game, buildings, weapons, armor, so as to enhance their skills, defense and attack capabilities, so that they can last longer in this adventure. All the resources come from this game, where you need to create your own world and defend it.

 The entire game world is destructible, and after destroying certain obstacles, you can find various resources such as rocks, wood, iron ore or other equipment, and of course, while going deeper and deeper, you will also encounter various monsters. This makes the player full of motivation to explore.

 Because many people in the game have the idea of creating a space of their own, a world of their own. In the game you can make various attempts with the whole world.

- Professional Critic -


I love minecraft I have Benn playin it since I was 6 and I recommend it for people that haven't already tried it out.

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  • Bynathaniel marchese and gabymarchese
    your games good my son wants to play minecraft he said it looks fun
    Helpful (6)
  • ByAmber
    My daughter really wants to try to play it she said it looks fun.
    Helpful (5)
  • Bysky
    i love minecraft bc i can play with my friends and play it for 1hour
    Helpful (3)
  • ByMariannaGotte
    I like Minecraft it is my second favorite
    Helpful (7)
  • ByBbomb
    You can basically do anything in Minecraft
    Helpful (2)
  • BySky
    I love Minecraft because you can play with friends and you can build stuff and I love it because you can make houses and you can play with friends and I play for one hour
    Helpful (24)
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