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  • BySky
    I love Minecraft because you can play with friends and you can build stuff and I love it because you can make houses and you can play with friends and I play for one hour
    Helpful (4)
  • BySky❤️
    I like it because I play with friends and you can build stuff and I play for 1 hour❤️
    Helpful (4)
  • Bypenelope
    minecraft is so Awsome
    Helpful (7)
  • ByAJ
    I love it so much I play it for at least 45 minutes a day!
    Helpful (6)
  • Byolivia
    omg i love mincraft
    Helpful (6)
  • Byby MIcah
    minecraft is soooo number1
    Helpful (5)


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