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Merge Mansion
  • price : Free
  • OS : AndroidIOS
  • Version : 21.10.05
  • Updated : Oct 26, 2021
  • Size : 296.8 MB
  • Developer : Metacore Games Oy
Ios Ios
Android Android


Maddie's grandmother had something to say. This mansion is full of unheard of stories! Help Maddie discover what her grandmother had to reveal about the family's adventurous past.

Dust off and find new items, merge them into useful tools and acquire surprising treasures. You never know what awaits behind the next corner of the mansion.

Let the mystery adventure begin! Undergo a complete home makeover and continue to decorate your house the way you've always wanted it. Unlock new areas in and around the mansion, uncovering decade-old family secrets along the way. mansion has a rich mix of items and hundreds of intriguing puzzles waiting to be discovered, ensuring it always has new secrets waiting for you.


Discover - Whether it's a shocking twist in your grandmother's past or a mysterious room in the mansion's cellar, there's always something new to look out for. Find the hidden areas of the manor and uncover the truth!

MERGE - Combine what you have into more useful tools. Can a rusty old shovel and a broken lantern come in handy? Absolutely right. Combine items and renovate your house in your special way.

Decorating - Show us your house decorating talents. This is your chance to become an expert in interior and exterior house design.

Relax - only good resonance, despite some twisted secrets ahead.

Easy to learn - Even grandmothers can learn the game so easily.

Play for a while or for a long time - have a quick merge minute here and there, or give your full attention to a fascinating merge marathon.

While Maddie's journey into her grandmother's mysterious past is just beginning, there are already many exciting updates waiting to expand the story. We promise Merge Mansion will continue to amaze you as we merge after merge and month after month.

- It's time to begin your journey as the mysterious Merge Mansion awaits you. 

-Merge Mansion awaits you.Enjoy this colorful merging game in which you can design your dream home!

How to play

The game begins with the plot, the grandmother will granddaughter Maddie called back, want to give her the mysterious garden old mansion. In the middle there is a large section of the plot, you can see when the game, in short, she opened the mysterious door, into the world behind the door.

Hidden behind the door for many years, the old mansion is really messy, this side will have to rely on the player to merge to obtain a variety of tools to help the old mansion little by little renovation it! Follow the guide and click into the tool house to merge two toolboxes with the same pattern.

Keep merging until the "lightning" pattern toolbox appears, then you can click to get a variety of different tools. Merge the tools two by two until the required tools appear, and then return to the old house. There will be a lot of renovation tasks in the old house, click on the "star" to see the required tools, press "Complete" to complete the task. In the bottom right corner, you can see the list of tasks, you can check the tools or items that are still missing, and then go to the tool house to combine the needed things.

In the tool house, some things need to spend time waiting before you can continue to click, like the tool box on the left, click on the top to see, you can use "gems" to speed up Oh! In addition, there are some treasure chests that take time to open, such as the one on the right, which takes 3 minutes. If you don't know where the tools or items you need come from, you can click on the "i" in the task list to see their hierarchy.

You can also view the hierarchy of items in the tool house by clicking on the "i" at the top. In the tool house, you can merge not only tools but also other items, such as upgraded stars, stamina balls or gold coins, seed packs, etc. There are all kinds of items to merge, so if you like merging games, you should try it!

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