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Geometry Dash
  • price : Free
  • OS : AndroidIOS
  • Version : 2.111
  • Updated : November 16, 2017
  • Size : 84.7MB
  • Developer : RobTop Games
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Geometry Dash: An Exciting, Shapes-Based Challenge for Players of All Skill Levels

Geometry Dash, one of the world's most popular games, is an action platformer that offers endless hours of fun. This is an engaging game to dive into, whether you're idling the time away or in the mood to challenge yourself. Enjoyed by millions worldwide, the large Geometry Dash community has grown the game to over 60 million online levels. 

A Combination of Shapes and Rhythm that Creates Immersive Gameplay

You take on the form of a square shape, timing your jumps with care and precision to avoid nails and spikes. All the while, you listen to carefully paced music that aligns with the difficulty and speed of the game. Careful calculation and laser focus are your most powerful tools as you aim to jump and avoid spikes at just the right moment. Meanwhile, the rhythm in the background serves as an effective ally, letting you know how quickly you need to react. Plus, there are dozens of icons and colors for customizing your character, so you can personalize the gameplay to your unique tastes. 

Great for All Skill Levels

Geometry Dash starts slow and easy yet still enjoyable, encouraging even those who've never tried to give it a go and have instant fun. More practiced players don't have to wait too long before the game turns up the heat, with a faster-moving environment that kicks the challenge up a notch. Despite the incredible fun on offer, well-timed taps on the screen or quick presses of your arrow buttons are all there is to it. The better the player, the faster the game gets — so there's no end to the fun you can have even as you continually master the game. As you improve skills by playing regularly, you earn chances to engrave your name onto the global online leaderboard, making the world aware of your outstanding prowess. 

A Colorfully Pleasant Interface that Brings Out a Jovial Mood

This lighthearted but welcomingly demanding game features a neon stylescape set against a faint-colored, non-intrusive background. Playing as a square figure that moves horizontally at steadily increasing speeds, you get to see the background become more intricate and detailed. Numerous color combinations result in levels that continue to stay fresh and exciting no matter how long you play. Like the easy-to-grasp game mechanics that pair with a riveting challenge, this game's interface makes it appropriate for players of any age. 

Test Your Concentration and Reflexes

Besides innumerable hours of casual fun, Geometry Dash lets you squeeze in opportunities to sharpen your concentration and reaction speed throughout the day. Unpredictable changes in speed require focused attention for you to progress with the game, especially since you're out with just one strike. At the same time, a single moment of hesitation or distraction can lead to your peril. These fluid mechanics make Geometry Dash a great pastime during your commute, or a stimulating experience if you're sitting down for a few hours to have a marathon session. 

Step straight into the brilliantly colored, shape-filled world of neon delight that is Geometry Dash and test your reflexes today. 

How to play

Geometry Dash is very simple to operate with touch controls. Players only need to touch any location on the screen, you can control the game's characters and roles.

The ultimate goal of the game is to reach the finish line, and throughout the process, there will be different obstacles and traps, players have to grasp the timing and rhythm to avoid these obstacles. If you hit an obstacle during the game, then you will start from the beginning. The speed of the character and the character cannot be adjusted, except through the variable speed gate.

As the game continues, the difficulty will gradually increase, at first the obstacles are very simple and obvious, while in the later stages, some organs will be scattered in the decoration, lighting, rotation and even hidden obstacles.

In addition to dodging obstacles in the game, players can collect gold coins scattered throughout the hidden or challenging areas of the main level to unlock additional levels.

- Professional Critic -

Josh Harvey

I like this game, I have made many years of progress in this game, but it turns out that it has not been updated in 3 years. When my mobile phone software is the latest version, the game loads, but then crashes. Robtop is too lazy.

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    its so fun and cool
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    i love this game
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    this is the best game
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    this is my favirot game
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