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Where's My Water? 2
Puzzle single player level Casual iOS Android boy girl
  • Version : 1.9.7
  • Updated : Aug 16, 2021
  • Size : 187.6 MB
  • Developer : Kongregate, Inc.

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The successful strategy game of Where's My Water inspired the creation of a sequel called Where's My Water 2. Creature Feep, the company responsible for developing the game, released it on Disney Mobile, a division of Disney Interactive, on September 12th, 2013.

The "Where's My Water 2" app is the first major entry in the series that,Characters from the game Where's My Water? are included. It offers fresh journeys of the three alligators, namely, Allie, Cranky, and Swampy, to new and interesting places. It is the second to the previous Where's My Water game, in which they gather rubber ducks to pass and unlock new worlds of the game.

Tim FitzRandolph, the chief game developer, made this statement with TechHive that for the game Where's My Water 2, they wanted to build something that was completely original but also appealing. The launch of the sequel coincides beautifully with the first game's second anniversary on the iOS App Store, which was back in September 2011 for anyone keeping score at home.

Have you ever played any games, including Where's My Water? And its various holiday-themed spin-offs, Where's My Perry?, or Where's My Mickey?, then you're already familiar with Where's My Water? 2 and will feel incredibly comfortable and natural. To complete each stage, you will need to excavate a pathway that will allow water, goo, or steam to travel to a pipeline. Each of the three alligators serves as the basis for one of the levels, and each gator has specific requirements that must be met: You have to guide fluids to Swampy's shower head because he enjoys taking showers. Cranky enjoys eating, so you'll need to direct purple goo to his wash basin in order to kill the algae that are growing on the treat that is on his plate. Allie enjoys making music, so you need to guide water to an instrument in order for her to be able to play it. Swampy enjoys taking showers because he enjoys eating.

Collecting those rubbery ducks along the road will get you bonus points and allow you to unlock more features. Still, the absolute need for moving onto another level is to route water via the appropriate pipe. You are free to play through a level as many times as you wish.

The "free-to-play" mode of the game is another one that you will notice: The software can be obtained for free,However, there are in-app purchases available at certain points throughout the game. In order to go through the game's more challenging levels more quickly, you have the option to acquire power-ups that modify the water in specific ways. Collecting ducks require a vacuum, an absorber, and a dropper, all of which are available as power-ups in the game. If you cannot complete a move, you also have the option to purchase a suggestion tool.

Where's My Water 2 plays out, on the whole, somewhat like a sequel of Swampy and more like an improved version of the original game. The stages are challenging while maintaining a sense of familiarity, the obstacles are cleverly designed, and the advancements are available as a support system in case you run into trouble.

How to play

The Where's My Water 2 game works the same way as the first version, where your character has to get the suitable fluid for Allie, Cranky, or Swampy. Anywhere on the level, there is a water source for each creature. The fluid could be pooled in different places or stream from a pipe. Sometimes, the fluid must go to some pipes or connect with machines to find its way to the inlet. When alligators have the right amount of fluid, the level is finished, and you may play the next level. Some rubber ducks are strewn about the game level that can be gathered once they have soaked up some water.

Here's how to play. To open some gates that lead to more worlds, you will need a specific number of keys. These keys can be gained in one of two ways: either by watching advertisements for no charge or by making in-app purchases with real-world money. There are also treasures buried in the soil on some levels, and when they are discovered, they will scatter hiding items all across each planet.


There are several challenge stages that you will discover all through the game in addition to the basic levels. These challenge levels are located at the same levels as the basic levels, but the challenge levels themselves are changed, making it slightly more complicated for you to complete the game. After successfully completing these challenges, you will be able to collect additional ducks, which are necessary for unlocking other worlds and opening gates that are impeding the game's path.

● Avoid It

This challenge requires you to finish the level and avoid getting any ducks. However, contrary to the first version, the rubbery ducks have been given a "No" symbol, which indicates that you should avoid gathering them. Ducks in "Avoid It!" are still susceptible to being destroyed by dangerous fluid types (including explosives produced by mines), just like they are in beginner mode. However, this does not qualify as being gathered, so you can keep looking for a solution to finish the task.

● Duck Swamp

The tasks in this mode are very similar to those in the previous game; however, you must accomplish the level using a variety of ducks that each require a specific type of fluid. However, even though "Duck Swap" tasks included different ducks, you still had to pay attention to which alligators were emphasized in order to provide them with the appropriate liquid.

● Driller

The tasks in this mode allow you to drill into rocks to deliver the appropriate fluid to Allie, Cranky, or Swampy. However, you must be careful not to deliver the fluid so that it activates the switching devices or the pipelines that are used to access difficult-to-access locations.

● Guest Star

A modified level that uses this very same map as the starting level but has a different alligator, Allie, Cranky, or Swampy, in exchange for the one found in the primary level. You must utilize a particular kind of fluid based on which alligator is featured at this level. The rubber duck will be changed to correspond with the alligators currently in the spotlight; consequently, you will need to pay attention to those rubber ducks which require different fluids from the alligator currently in the spotlight.

● Melody

In this mode, you are tasked with delivering the appropriate fluid (based on which alligator is featured per level) to every melody to accomplish the level (blue, orange, red, green, and purple). If you gather the notes in the incorrect order, the task will have to be repeated from the beginning. Even after you have collected all of the melodies in the right order, you still need to bring the appropriate fluid to either Allie, Cranky, or Swampy to complete the task.

● Upside Down

You are required to complete the level, although the guide has been turned the other way around. Since the level is inverted in these challenges, the gameplay is a little more challenging because you are required to devise an alternative method to collect rubber ducks and also to deliver the appropriate fluids to Allie, Cranky, or Swampy.

Tips and Strategies

In addition, you have the option of purchasing power-ups within the game in order to assist them in completing challenging levels and in gathering ducks. The Description of power-ups in this game comes in three different power-ups: the Vacuum, the Absorber, and the Dropper.

● The Vacuum power-up enables all varieties of ducks to attract their fluids to themselves; however, even with this power-up activated, they can still attract dangerous fluid types that will kill them when they contact water.

● The Absorber power-up enables all varieties of rubber ducks to consume any fluid; moreover, you will still have to restart the level if they give the incorrect fluid to Allie, Cranky, or Swampy. This is because even if you have used the Absorber in certain levels, you must still send the suitable fluid to either Allie, Cranky, or Swampy. Blasts can also still kill any variety of rubber duck.

● Dropper power-up: the level will begin with all of the ducks nearly complete, and you will need to gather just a little drops of the appropriate fluid to complete the level.

In addition to the power-ups, the game also provides you with visual hints in case they are having trouble finishing more challenging stages.

In addition to the standard levels, some of the levels also offer Duck Rush levels, which is a brand new mode that is only available in the remake of the first version. Your objective in regular levels is to deliver the fluid to either Allie, Cranky, or Swampy. However, the objective in Duck Rush levels is distinct from that of earlier levels because the screen is starting to move, and you must deliver the fluid to either Allie, Cranky, or Swampy as quickly as they can. If you fail the task, you will return to the start of the level over. You have the option of gathering ducks along the path to successful completion of the game, but they must also maneuver their route to avoid various kinds of perils.

That's it! We hope this guide helps you, such as the Description and How to play the game. The long-awaited sequel to Disney's most fascinating physics-based puzzler is finally here! Let's have fun playing wheres my water 2.


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