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Team Sonic Racing

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Team Sonic Racing Team combines the best elements of arcade games and fast-paced competitive style racing. Face off with friends in a fierce multiplayer racing game, compete in an amazing world, and team up by sharing energy boosts and speed boosts. Control your racing style-choose from 3 different character types and unlock custom options that can change the racing style to suit your racing style.

How to play

Online multiplayer games and local cooperative mode-12 players per game, 4 players split screen and various offline / online competition modes, including grand prix mode, exhibition mode, time trial and team adventure mode.

Teamwork – Teamwork, teamwork. Use various team actions to assist your teammates, eliminate opponents and release your team's flagship version.

Tips-14 spectacular offensive and defensive items that can help defeat your opponent and succeed!

Adventure mode-a unique story experience that introduces players to basic game features and characters.

Various characters and classes – 15 playable characters from Sonic Universe and 3 different character types, including speed, technology and power classes.


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    I love team sonic racing
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    sonic ra
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    sonic ra



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