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Squid Game - Minecraft

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Since the Korean drama Squid Game 2021 aired on September 17, it has created a craze. Many viewers want to experience the life and death levels in the drama, and now in the game "Minecraft", fans will be able to experience a different kind of life and death challenge! Squid Game - Minecraft game substantially restores the six games in the film and television drama. These include "123 wooden man", "Poke Pon candy", "river", "playing marbles", "jump glass" and "squid game". Each level has been carefully designed in accordance with the play, even many scenes in the game are highly restored to the TV series Squid Game, the game makes fans feel as if they were in this gamble with fate, quite intimate.

How to play

Squid Game - Minecraft game highly restored film and television drama, then start challenging these levels now!

Level 1: 123, Wooden Man, reach the end quickly within the time limit and don't let her find you moving, or you will be eliminated.

Level 2: Poke Pon candy, choose a graphic and take it out perfectly.

Level 3: Tug of war, choose your team and use team strength and skill to win the game.

Level 4: Marbles, choose your partner and then win his marbles.

Level 5: Stepping stone bridge, keep moving forward and test your luck.

Level 6: Squid game, start a game with your opponent.

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    squid game is the best
  • Bysquid
    I love it
  • ByDalla
    This game soo good
  • ByIzella
    I l9oooooooove games I'm a gamer and so is my sis
  • ByLisa
    Squid game is great your right



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