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Shark Sniping 2020

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It looked like a beautiful day on the beach full of Jet-Ski Riders having fun, until, ANGRY SHARKS ATTACK! Looks like you are the last line of defense for the Jet-Ski Riders with nowhere to go, barely able to fend of hungry, attacking sharks! This is unlike any adventure you’ve ever been on. Who else is crazy enough to fight sharks, face to snout, toe to fin? The sea is a dangerous place, now it’s time to prove that you are the danger!

Shark Sniping 2016 is the frontrunner in shark hunting simulation! Crafted by professionals with experience, Shark Sniping 2016 allows anyone to hunt sharks from the comfort of dry land. Do you love shooting? Now you have the chance to utilize your skills to become a real hero in a virtual world!

You knew you were a Sharp-Shooter – how about a Shark-Shooter! Kill all of the sharks, save the Jet-Ski Riders, and swim into the sunset knowing that you made the waters safe! Use advanced weapons like the, Beretta, UMP, 9MM, and the AK-47 rifle. Gain power-ups such as: INSTA-KILL, and Special High Power Bullets for more killing potential! Go on a seafaring adventure, grab your gun, use that one eye, and aim down the sights…the innocents’ lives are in your hands now.

How to play

  • Easy and Smooth controls to enhance your shooting experience

  • Stunning 3D Graphics depicting Ocean and Beach Environments
A mission to save Jet-Ski riders from Crazy Sharks
Smooth, Easy, and Addictive gameplay
Many Weapons to choose from including MP5, Beretta, UMP, 9MM, and the AK-47 rifle, etc.
Unique Weapon Upgrades
Amusing Sounds and 3D Graphics

  • Real Life Shooting & Hunting Experience 

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