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Shadows: Awakening

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"Shadow: Awakening" is a unique linear single-player RPG that uses instant combat. You will operate a demon "devourer" summoned from the shadow world, devour the soul of the dead hero, and embark on an epic adventure. There are challenging game content, exciting storylines and pleasing pictures. If you have enough concentration and wisdom to control the pagan nations, call your squad and use the powerful abilities of the heroes to fight for you. But in the end, was it the devil or the hero who was swallowed by him? This world has already reached a point of success, success or failure, in your palm...

How to play

Extensive gameplay-a single game can be played for more than 40 hours, but has a large number of options for replay

Two worlds-seamlessly switch between the shadow world and the mortal plane, witness the heartbreaking storyline in a world full of myths, destiny and legendary creatures

Real-time tactical combat-combining the skills of various characters to maximize the impact of devastating skills and spells

Unique party system-there are multiple characters in a demon, each character has its own personality. Internal dialogue, competition and communication between characters

Plethora of different characters-choose from 3 heroes, each hero has its own story, personal mission and dialogue. Consume the soul of 15 playable characters, each character has its own unique skills

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