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Scary Clown : Halloween Night

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Scary Clown: Halloween Night - Protect the Town as a Superhero Clown 

Scary Clown: Halloween Night is an exciting action game where you act as a scary superhero clown to protect the town from evil individuals. With the help of your abilities, you can beat up evildoers who intend to wreak havoc during Halloween.

Does this game sound interesting to you? If you'd like to know more about this unique game, here's everything you need to know about it below!

This one-of-a-kind Halloween-themed game was developed by Top Tap Games. It was officially released on October 13, 2017. If you're interested in playing this highly adventurous game, here are the game experiences awaiting you if you decide to do so:

Hunt down evil people lurking in the town during Halloween 

In this game, you'll be dressed as a seemingly ordinary clown in time for the Halloween atmosphere. However, you're not just some ordinary person in a simple clown outfit. In fact, you're actually playing as a hero who'll ward off the evil people lurking in this town!

Whether they're bandits or suspicious passersby, your task is to get rid of the bad guys and keep Halloween a happy event for everyone. Be sure to use your magnificent clown abilities to hunt down enemies and finish them off.

Finish off enemies with your clown superpowers 

In this adventurous game, you're not just some guy in a simple clown costume. After all, you're equipped with many abilities that will help you beat up the bad guys in town easily. These abilities include powerful attacks that let you whack, shoot, and squash enemies.

It's up to you to choose the best attacks to beat enemies as fast as possible. So, feel free to create the best deadly combo attacks for you! Moreover, finishing missions within the game will grant you access to more special attacks.

In addition, don't forget to finish several tasks if you want to gain more powerful abilities! Once you've collected all your amazing clown superpowers, you can go ahead and combine your choice of basic combo attacks with special attacks to beat up bad people.

Choose from a wide variety of fantastic clown costumes

Who says you have to stick to a single clown outfit throughout the game? As you progress in the game, you can receive a handful of fantastic clown costumes to switch your look up! Therefore, there's no need for you to stick to your standard clown costume if it's not to your liking.

You can unlock various fantastic clown costumes by accomplishing various in-game tasks and missions. Having said that, make sure to grind in the game if you want more options for your scary clown getup!

Immerse yourself in a stunning 3D environment 

Aside from the game's thrilling mechanics, you're also bound to immerse yourself in a stunning 3D environment as you play the game. Explore the Halloween-infested town and roam through dark alleyways, brightly lit main streets, and other city areas.

And for a more immersive gaming experience, these stunning 3D graphics are accompanied by realistic sounds and visual effects. Overall, you can expect a splendid time as you play this entertaining Halloween game.

How to play

This game includes highly responsive features to ensure a smooth and enjoyable game for everyone. If you want to play this game, here's a helpful guide you can use as a reference:

Use the joystick to move around the town 

Your game will have a designated joystick that lets you ly move and get to different places. Enemies will be dispersed in different locations, so you'll have to check every nook and cranny of the town.

Utilize the basic attacks to beat up the evil people

At the beginning of the game, you can use basic combo attacks to beat up enemies. These basic attacks include some basic punches and kicks. Be sure to use these basic attacks tactfully to knock down enemies successfully. That way, you can be victorious at all your matches and keep Halloween happy for everyone.

Don't forget to use the special abilities to kill off enemies 

Besides your basic combo attacks, you can unlock special abilities as you dive deeper into the game. These special abilities can be used to kill off enemies quickly and with ease. Here are these special abilities and their short descriptions below:

●  Slime Halloween Pumpkin Attack: launches deadly pumpkins at enemies 

●  Fire Tire Attack: deploys a ring of fire that burns enemies within the area

●  Grenade: can be thrown at enemies to kill them with an explosion 

●  Hammer Attack: used for squashing enemies to a pulp 

●  Clown Gun: used to shoot at different enemies 

Do note that these attacks have their designated cool downs before you can use them again. So, use these special abilities wisely if you don't want to waste them. Meanwhile, if your unique abilities are on cool down, you can make some basic combo attacks while waiting for the cool down to end.

Accomplish different in-game missions to collect different in-game items 

You won't just be mindlessly beating up and killing bad guys in this game. After all, this entertaining Halloween game also includes a set of missions for you to accomplish. Finishing these missions lets you unlock some interesting in-game items, like new weapons and clown costumes for your character.

Keep an eye on the remaining bad guys and your health

There will be an enemy counter with a skull icon that shows the number of enemies left in an area. Your task is to bring the number on the count down to zero in a particular location. You've successfully killed all the bad guys in a spot once the counter is down to zero.

Moreover, you will have to keep an eye on your health, which is located in the upper-right corner of your screen. Your health will continue to go down if you get hit by enemies. That said, ensure to evade enemy attacks successfully to maintain your character's health.


Fortunately, you don't need to wait for the Halloween season to play this game. If you want to become a creepy clown roaming the town, Scary Clown: Halloween Night will fulfill that dream for you. And the best part? You get to be a superhero clown that protects the town!

Meanwhile, if you're already playing or have finished playing this game, feel  to tell others about your experience. That way, more people can appreciate this excellent game.


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