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Prison Survive Break Escape

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Have you ever experience as escape prisoner? If no then you need to download this game and enjoy the amazing adventure of prisoner game with tactical criminal skills. In this game you have been sentenced to prison for 10 years for a crime. Get ready to dodge the jail security officers and kill your enemies. You are being watched through Cameras and security guards. The security of the jail is not in your hands, you can run and save your life otherwise police crew kill you. In this game you will kill the police offices and jail warden in the prison. It is not an easy task to escape from jail and fight with simple tools against police crew. Open your mind and use tactical skills to protect yourself from jail security. Prisons escape simulator game with a new concept where you play as a prisoner to escape the jail.

- Play as hardcore prisoner in superb prison survival jail simulator
- Use weapons like baseball bat, knife for survival in adventurous jail game
- Immersive jail game environment and real life prison escape sound effects

How to play

Bring professional criminals into your mind in this crime simulator game where you are in a prison and as a prisoner you need to think of a plan. How to plan, break out of prison and get out in this crime simulator. All the hard times spent in prison need to be rewarded in your perfect prison break mission. Your enemies are roaming around so you need to be careful when escaping. Your enemies are so violent and harmful to you that they make you sit on ice. They also use the pass to pull out your nails and make you hurt even more. Now you have a chance to get out of here, so act fast and break the prison and move out of here so you will have peace.

You have spent a difficult sentence in this prison. Your mission in life is to save your life and the enemies kill quickly one by one silently. Use simple tools to kill your enemies and save yourself from their counterattacks. Use a baseball bat, punch and kick to defend yourself against your enemies, hitting them in the head and body. You have no weapons to use except your strength. The enemies are numerous and the cameras are watching you. In this game, you will kill enemies and collect money to unlock higher difficulty missions. This prison has a high security environment and it is not easy to escape. This is a very exciting and thrilling prison break game. Execute a strict plan to end this tough time. The game is also available for purchase on the Google Play shop. Download it and enjoy the prison as a prisoner adventure.

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  • Bybilly
    i love it
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    l like it
  • Bybilly
    i love it
  • Bymarko
    so fun
  • Bykylen
    it fun !!!!!!!


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