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Human: Fall Flat

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Developer: No Brakes Games

Publisher: No Brakes Games

Release date: 2016-07-23; October 2017 NS version

"Human: Fall Flat" is a fast-paced, open-end physical simulation third-person puzzle exploration game. The game is set in a fantasy floating dream world. The player's goal is to escape from the collapsed dream through a series of puzzles. Everything Only rely on the wisdom and knowledge of the player. The charm of this game is that comedy is used as the basis from the inside, in order to be able to smile. The magical movements of the characters in the game are really impossible to achieve with any precise operation, but these funny failures are also the fun of the game.

How to play

You can walk, jump, grab anything, climb anything, carry anything. Mastering the movement will be your first pleasant challenge.Solve bending problems.Explore 12 open levels, full of challenging puzzles and interesting attention. Try new paths and discover all the secrets!Customize your character.Dozens of stupid clothes for your people. Become a dog, ninja, princess... wait! Mix and match endless combinations.

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- Professional Critic -


I don't know how to describe it professionally. Probably the physical effect. The little manpower controlled inside is very big, and this game is not a rigid way to clear customs, only to clear the road. So you can have all kinds of commotion, only the kind that you can't think of and can't do, the degree of freedom is quite high. It feels very close to reality control.

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  • Byhunterthehunter51
  • Bykeke
    im skinny
  • Byskyler
    the thing is is that when i wanna play this i have to download it or buy it but i have chromebook os so i can't


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