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DayZ is an immersive online open world game in which each player follows a goal-to survive in any necessary way as possible. Intricate doomsday scenery, as many as 60 players fighting for life together, here, the infected zombie country is just one of many things that may kill you. Starvation, infection, blood loss and other diseases all make you spend every day. Will you try to survive alone or work with friends to fight the hostile world. The greatest enemy is still human.

How to play

There are no checkpoints or archives, if you die, you will lose everything and must start from scratch.

Complex and realistic survival mechanisms, including hunting, making items, building houses, health care and resource management.

Interactions with other players are often unpredictable, and often emotionally colored, bringing unlimited improvisation to the game.

A vast map of 230 square kilometers; various beauty and landmarks are based on real locations.

Up to 60 players use all necessary means to survive. You can make friends, kill when you see someone, or kidnap strangers and force them to obey your will, and maybe be sold because of a jar of beans. Everything can happen.

Various environmental threats will test your ability. From fickle weather and dangerous wildlife, to dark nights and violent infections.

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  • Bybryan
    this game looks fun
  • ByAntwan
    I like this game.


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