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Brave Frontier
Android Adventure iOS Battle competition RPG Casual Role-playing boys Challenge Girls online crafting formation summoning Brave Frontier
  • Version :
  • Updated : May 05, 2020
  • Size : 63.5MB
  • Developer : gumi

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Are you ready for the new Brave Burst? Experience new game mechanics that scale the battle in your favor. The first nine pairs of Double Brave Burst partners have been revealed. Join us today to learn more!

Hundreds of heroes. Millions of players. Become a legend!

Rise to the challenge of taking on the role of a powerful summoner in this addictive, free-to-play classic JRPG hit!

Summon over 400 legendary heroes, powerful demigods and majestic beasts, and lead your squad on adventures across the mythical lands of Greater Gaia and beyond against the fallen four gods!


Summon, collect and evolve

* Summon and expand your troop collection, from god emperors to hell goddesses

* Leverage the elemental strengths and leadership skills of your troops and assemble strategic squads for different game modes and enemies

* Fuse/evolve your troops to higher forms to strengthen them/ unlock new skills

* Craft powerful items and spheres to enhance your troops in battle

* Meet and recruit other fan-favorite characters from popular games

How to play

Classic JRPG with modern free-to-play

* Strategy-oriented turn-based battle system with automatic battle options

* Fierce animated battles with/against fascinating characters inspired by Japanese manga art made of beautiful pixels

* Unleash devastating combos using intuitive tap and swipe combat mechanics

* Fill up your troops' skill sheets to unleash their unique offensive/defensive bursts of bravery

* Upgrade your town to unlock new crafting options and craft powerful items

Compete and reward with new challenges

* Put your skills to the test in PVE trials, team tests and face-offs against epic bosses, border hunters as well as quests in Vortex Magic

* Deer-in-the-headlights PVP arenas with Colosseum and Domination leaderboard rankings

* Pit your best against other online players in the Brave Front lineup in PVP Arena and Brawl Arena and dominate leaderboard rankings

* Collect/enjoy adventure/battle loot and claim special heroes and rare items!

Rich and extensive content

* Explore Grand Gaia and discover new worlds through over 500 story-driven quests

* Uncover the compelling storyline and legendary legends of heroes and gods. Their destinies are intertwined and the plot thickens!

With Friends

Play together * Team up with other summoners to create cooperative game modes and grow rare materials to craft powerful items and spheres

* Connect with millions of players around the world to gain more enhancement options and honor points

* Form/join guilds and build powerful power-ups and camaraderie with other summoners. Contribute to the guild to help take it to the next level and gain exclusive guild rewards, heroes and skills

* Participate in guild raids and fight for glory to become the number one ranked guild

*Use guild chat to discuss strategy with participating guild members in real time during guild raids

Will you rise to the challenge and go down in Grand Gaia history as a legend? Embark on your most epic journey with millions of summoners!


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