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Adventures of Mana

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Dedicate to the top of the mountain. The magic tree stands high above the clouds. The sentry draws vitality from boundless celestial bodies and grows in silence. Legend has it that people who put their hands on the trunk will gain eternal power-"Dark Blade" now seeks to further deepen his bloody pursuit of domination.

Our unlikely hero is one of the countless gladiators of the Duchy of Gravech. Every day, he and his companion companion were drawn from the cell and competed for exotic beasts to entertain the King of Darkness. If they win, they will throw them back into the dungeon with only enough bread until their next game. But a body can only bear so much, and the weary captive succumbs to the cruel fate soon.

How to play


Player movement is achieved through a virtual joystick, which can be accessed anywhere on the screen. Also added an automatic adjustment function, even if your thumb deviates from its original position, you will never lose control of the hero.


Weapons are divided into six unique categories, some of which are used not only to cause damage. Determining when and where to equip each type will prove the key to successfully fulfilling your pursuit.


From restoring lost HP or eliminating various diseases to disabling enemies or making fatal blows, there are eight different spells on almost any occasion.


Bloodthirsty enemies are not the only obstacle to accomplishing the mission. You will need tools and wisdom to overcome many challenges encountered in the mana world, from locked doors to hidden rooms, to traps that become more and more complicated as the game progresses.

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