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The Lost City LITE
  • price : Free
  • OS : AndroidIOS
  • Version : 1.0.1
  • Updated : August 07, 2014
  • Size : 95.6MB
  • Developer : Fire Maple Games


You can play the first chapter for free and if you like it, purchase and continue playing the full game!

Grandma was right that no one really believed her. Her favorite grandson didn't even believe it. But she is right. Even beyond your imagination. Your previous city, deep in the forest shrouded in mist, cannot be found on any map. It should not even exist. Even though you have been asleep for a long time, you still feel a mysterious force starting to awaken from the surrounding ruins. Legend has it that the civilization that built this place can control the season in some way. But no one listens to the legend. She was right except for grandma. Take another look at the artifact she gave you. Near this lost city, your hands seem to be almost alive. This city does exist. it is real. Can powerful secret magic enough to change the season become a reality?

How to play

Inspired by classic pointing and clicking adventure games!

Beautiful graphics will attract you to this fascinating adventure!

There are many items to collect and solve puzzles!

Original soundtrack and sound effects!

Keep a diary of all the symbols and clues you encounter.

Dynamic map showing all areas you have browsed and current location.

The complete hint guide and walkthrough have been built into the game.

The Lost City Lite has been translated into multiple languages

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